Our first collection for UDJAT is an emotive and fresh perception of Siwa and its peaceful life, isolated in the desert two hundred miles from the coast, some six hundred and fifty miles from Cairo.
A found quality in cloth shirts, handwoven cotton, appliquéd patchwork, and folkloric needlework of Amazigh’s bridal costumes. Silhouettes reflect the romanticism of the untouched Egyptian rural life, with wide galabeyas and blouses delicately embroidered with “falahi” (farmers) Palestinian embroideries or Pharaonic elements hand stitched by local women.
Shades of dunes, luminous whites, tobacco dust, washed blues and earthy tones are associated to warm terra-cotta, a punchy watermelon, mineral turquoises and flavored saffron, interjected with vibrant touches, inspired by the Ancient Egyptian tombs and the work of painter Sir AlmaTadema.
A melancholic vision of the Oasis’ life is updated with contemporary cuts inviting movement and inspiring comfort through the dry, dusty and hot weather of the Western Egyptian Sahara.
Craft and modernity embrace the Siwi embroidery and traditional weaving of Upper Egypt, reimagined as elements of a nonchalant Egyptophile’s wardrobe wandering from oasis to oasis seeking poetry.

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